Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Frugality - back in vogue?

I read a lot of blogs written by the American religious christian right, mostly women who are full time home makers. They home school their children, praise their husbands & practice 'frugality'.

Why the scary quotes? Frugality is such an ugly concept in India, its considered cheap, especially in the metros. I'm usually economical, not exactly frugal though :-(

I've never had a credit card debt, touch wood, & am more used to lending money than borrowing it. At the work place, I used to have a lot of friends who couldnt manage money at all. One of my best friends for example, he's always in debt, he has no idea where it all goes. I guess binge drinking on weekends tend to thin out your wallet.

In the last 4 yrs, I saved up about 40% of my income, while living on my own; impressive I know. Now I'm unemployed, living on my husbands money. Its not easy for me, independent as I am. Unfortunately, he's working for an Indian company which does not pay a lot. And so, we have to make every dollar count. Thats where frugality comes into the picture.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2.5yrs later

My life has changed so much in the last 2.5yrs. When I wrote the previous post, I was single, living in bangalore & working for a MNC. Now I'm married, living in the US & a full time homemaker. I'm hoping to change the last bit of the previous sentence. I'm applying for a H1 visa here, keep your fingers crossed people.