Thursday, July 17, 2008

I shopped victoriously

As a Dave Ramsey fan, I wanted to expand my library of DR stuff. But the Dave Ramsey CDs and books from Dave's site are prohibitively expensive. So I thought I would check out ebay for these items. I looked at many bids, patiently ( rather unusual for me!).
Most of the bids ended approx $45, which I just wasn't willing to pay. Fortunately for me, after a lot of waiting and watching and bidding, I was able to get the book and audio library for just $15 + $5shipping. Yup. I'm feeling rather good about myself today.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

PZ Myers and wafergate

Anybody who's anybody must have heard about PZ Myers and the communion wafer brouhaha.
Well, I am a moderate Christian, I've been known to pray and read the Bible regularly and attend communion. So how did I feel about this?

Yes, Myers behaved like a jerk. Yes, Myers went overboard. Yes, he disrespected my beliefs. BUT it is his opinion and he is entitled to it. And even I do not believe that the wafer is the actual body of Christ. I do not worship it as such ( wouldn't it be idolatry?) I will still read his blog and love it. That's how much I hate religious fundamentalist shrills. Bill Donahue, you do not speak for me. Go and stand in the corner with Jerry Falwel, Pat Robertson and James Dobson.

My new best friend

Hi everyone, let me introduce you to my new best friend. Her name is Vicodine. She's so important to me that sometimes I've felt that I couldn't live without her.


No, I'm not a druggie, just a poor woman recovering from two VERY painful rootcanal procedures. For the most part, I have healthy teeth, teeth that have never required any dentistry for 26years. But the last one year has seen me extracting two impacted wisdom teeth, treating a dry socket and getting two root canals. And where does all this take place? Is it in India where I have my own dear dentist cousin who would do all this for free? Or is it in the US where dentistry is most expensive? Its so freaking expensive!! Thank God for company provided dental insurance; but the copay is still a bitch. I don't know which is more painful - the dentist drilling my head or watching my husband paying the copay. :-)

Don't underestimate my capability to withstand pain, I've had my both knee caps dislocated 5 times, 2 ankle fractures, 1 wrist fracture. And more minor accidents than I can even remember. The most pain I've ever endured has got to be when I dislocated my knee cap and then walked 2 miles home because the bloody auto guy decided to quote more seeing my limp. This was Kormangala, Bangalore where it's generally accepted that auto drivers are Satan's children. No really!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Last Sunday evening, I was checking if any of the bloggers in my blogroll had posted anything over the weekend and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had won the giveaway at Chief Family Officer. This is the first time I'm winning anything with just dumb luck so this is a new feeling for me. :-)

D and I are trying to get on the Dave Ramsey bandwagon and we could do with more personal finance books. So here's a big THANK YOU to Cathy and her great blog.

Btw, I know that Dave appears on Faux Business channel but what do you know; I am apparently fiscally conservative. Surprise, surprise!

A $10 giveaway at Adventures in Mommyland

There is a good giveaway at Adventures in Mommyland. A $10 gc would go a long way in Walgreens so I would be thrilled to get it.