Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm watching The Return of the King for what seems to be the 165th time. What's it about this film that compels me to watch again & again?

I'm a major fan of the books so when the film came out, I thought that it would be a disappointment. No director can live up to a fan's imagination, right? But after reading some reviews, I decided to watch & I am glad I did. Peter Jackson did a hell of a good job though there are a couple of instances where he strayed too far from the books. Faramir's character is an example. In the books, Faramir is shown as wise unlike his brother Boromir. And he bonds with Frodo because of their fondness for Gandalf. But in the movie, Faramir is a typical of the race of men, unable to resist the call of the ring.

Despite that, I think all the LOR films are good unlike the Harry Potter films; the 1st one (HP & Sorcerer's stone) was TERRIBLE. But it got better from there. Now I am trying to get my hands on the 5th film(Order of the Phoenix). People say that its the best one yet.