Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A religion rant

One of the blogs I read frequently is written by a Christian young woman. She writes from a fundamentalist point of view. I used to read all her posts including the ones on her view of religion, but after a couple of months, I started skipping over them because I couldn't digest what i thought was mutilation of my religion. As a Christian, I believe in the words of Jesus Christ. I love Him & His teachings. I do not believe that women are secondary beings whose only calling is to marry & serve their husbands. God made me an intelligent woman, I am smart & can keep my head in a crisis. Sometimes, I am more rational & level-headed than my husband. Its absurd to expect one person to lead all the time in a family.

I do NOT believe that the Bible is inerrant & can be used to decide every single thing I do on this earth. If it were so, it would be OK to have slaves. It would be OK for a man to have concubines & many wives. And it would be shameful for a woman to cut her hair!!

IMHO, the Gospel according to Jesus Christ is one of the most radical teachings of all time. He was born as the son of a humble carpenter & ordinary housewife but become THE most influential person in the history of the world. Fundamentalists who demand a return to the olden days would do to remember that our saviour was considered a dangerous radical in his time.