Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Daily show with Jon Stewart - 08/27

Yesterday's Daily Show with Jon Stewart had a better than usual segment. Full disclosure - huge fan of Jon Stewart here.
The segment had Samantha Bee and Wyatt Cenac competing to report on the DNC. The gag was that they were acting the role of Sen Clinton and Sen Obama in this election season. Jon told Sam that though she and her husband Jason (role of Bill Clinton) did great work in the past, he was going to go with the newcomer Wyatt for a 'new perspective'. ... Funny stuff.

On a more serious note, does anybody else get a sinking feeling when thinking of Sen Obama chances of winning the election? Yesterday my husband and I were discussing the worst possible outcome of this election. Why? Because we are weird like that.

Here is my worst possible scenario for this country. Sen McCain choses Mike Huckabee as running partner, gets elected and then promptly kicks the bucket (or just seriously ill if you are a kind person). Huckabee becomes the President. In a couple of years, this is reality.
Urrrgh, scary stuff.